Not so Hard (Single) - Digital Download

Not so Hard (Single) - Digital Download

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Just be a little bit nice to me...  

After the initial shock and heartbreak, there often comes a moment when you question "why?" about all the things that went wrong in the relationship. 

From constantly being late to being on their phone while you are "spending time together". Love can be blind! 

But when we come out of it, we come out stronger.
We can stand up and say "HEY! You could've been a little bit nicer to me!" 

This is the song for those moments. 
The empowered ones where we reflect on a past relationship with wisdom and humour. 

This is a "dance around your bedroom and sing into your hairbrush" kinda song. 

I hope you love it x

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Release Date: July 7th, 2021
Mastering: Tak Stonewell
Production and Mixing: Tak Stonewell
Engineering: Tak Stonewell
Vocals: Yui Stonewell
Lyrics: Yui Stonewell & Tak Stonewell
Arranged: Tak Stonewell
Publishing: ADD9, LLC
Artwork: Tak Stonewell