nothing feat. Jason Brock (Single) - Digital Download

nothing feat. Jason Brock (Single) - Digital Download

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"... my world is imploding"

This is our first-ever collaboration project featuring the unbelievably talented Jason Brock. 

We all have our own stories to tell, but somewhere in that story is likely going to be heartbreak. And we have all felt that stabbing pain in our chest that makes us feel like our heart is crying. The kind that makes us doubt everything good that we had. The kind that makes us wonder why we believed everything was so perfect when it was happening. 

"nothing" is a ballad about that realization of reality. 
The wake-up call. 
And the longing that follows. 

All we can do is accept and move on, but it never hurts to have a song that helps us along in our healing journey. 

You're not alone x

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Release Date: June 1, 2022
Mastering: Tak Stonewell
Production and Mixing: Tak Stonewell
Engineering: Tak Stonewell
Vocals: Yui Stonewell, Jason Brock
Lyrics: Jason Brock, Yui Stonewell & Tak Stonewell
Arrangement: Tak Stonewell
Publishing: ADD9, LLC
Artwork: abstractjity